The Perils of WhatsApp

I’ve got to be honest, WhatsApp has really made me a happy man – mostly. This smartphone application is fantastic for all those who want to send pictures, locations, and text messages to anyone in the world – yes the WORLD – for free. I have unlimited texts on my contract, but picture messages cost me. Also, with lots of friends spread across the planet, it’s often difficult to stay in contact because of the sheer cost of sending messages. However, for the small price of this app I can now send messages anywhere as it uses 3G and WiFi connections instead of your carriers network. Overall, its fantastic!

But there is one slight beware consideration to bear in mind for those, like me, who don’t always respond immediately. When it comes to texting, unless your my best friend, or I’m free that very minute the text comes through, or I’ve been on a few dates with you and have a massive crush, I’m unlikely to text back immediately. I often read, mull it over, and text back a little while later. That’s just how I am. With normal texting this is fine….the other person isn’t hanging at the other end of the line because there is no way for them to know whether you got their text or not.

However, this is where the perils of WhatsApp begin. One green tick and your message has been sent. Two green ticks and your message has been read and received. Last night, in a foul and depressed mood, I went to bed at 9pm. I obviously needed it. My phone started buzzing with messages from a chap I’d met online earlier in the week. I read, but I didn’t reply because not only was I half asleep but I’d stayed in for a reason – to avoid all forms of communication. However, it seems that, knowing I’d received his mails, I was to bear the brunt of another foul mood and before long I was being verbally abused, called a prick, and having a virtual punch thrown my way! We’d NEVER met. I hadn’t responded for ONE night. He said “I’ve had my heart broken enough times” – I repeat, WE’D NEVER MET! Some guys really need to get a little perspective on life.

So whilst this little application is a great social and financial saver, for those of you like me who don’t respond immediately, read messages at your own peril! If you don’t respond within seconds it seems you may be likely to bear the brunt of a foul mouthed, naive, bunny boiler!


5 responses to “The Perils of WhatsApp

  1. Chalk it up as a lucky escape that you never met in real life.

    Not sure you’d cope with a pet rabbit being cooked in your kitchen.

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  3. Two ticks doesn’t mean read.
    One means delivered to the server
    Two means delivered to the recipients device successfully- it doesn’t mean read!

    • You know the recipient has read your message when the “last seen” shows it to be after the time the message has been sent. It is a bloody bother but on the other hand the hell is wrong with that person? Heart broken by someone you’ve never met…talk about being over sensitive?

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