Create A 24/7 Presence with Elance

Today was a quiet day for me. I completed a couple of hours of freelance writing work in the morning, toddled off for an eye test, and then a health test. I ended up in Soho, stuffing my face with blueberry muffins, sipping Earl Grey tea, and enjoying the afternoon. The sky was clear, the scarves and coats were out and making almost every man look very attractive. I think it’s the change of seasons, but a man wrapped in scarf and snug jacket is pretty damn hot!

Having had what was essentially a day off, I returned home to discover I had two new jobs on Elance. This is why I love this site. As long as you take the time to prepare a decent profile, and put in a headline that will attract niche customers, work pretty much comes your way without having to look for it. Once you’ve completed a few clients job and got feedback and stars, you can showcase yourself without actively having to do so. I’ve had a day off, yet I’ve scored two new writing jobs where all I had to do was read through the brief and click accept. It’s that easy.

So if there’s one thing you do this week, join Elance and create a profile. Include as much information for clients as possible and use a niche based tagline (mine’s “Horticultural London based Freelancer”). And even when you’re out with friends and seeing the sights, you can sure that your online writing persona is still attracting valuable clients.


2 responses to “Create A 24/7 Presence with Elance

    • I really would give it a try if you have a minute…even if you just spruce up your account a little. I’m not having to actively look for work, clients find me. I think Elance have overhauled the website since I last tried to use it, and attracted better clients and more established groups in the process.

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