This Year I AM a NaNoWriMo Writer

My book remains unfinished. In fact, for anyone who ever reads this blog, you may know that my first book is finished and unedited, whilst my second is lurking in the depths of my computer files. But, there is hope on the horizon as I gear up for NaNoWriMo.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) looms in the distance and I’m very excited. It’s not something that will be easy. It’s not something that I’m sure I will enjoy every minute of. However, it is something that can help me acheive my goals. The premise is simple, within the 30 days of November write 50,000 words. Not client work. Not blog work. But that novel that is languishing in both file and creative mind. Don’t edit. Don’t re-read. Just write.

Of course, many may ask why the hell you would want to do this, but for me it’s a unique opportunity to set a feasible task and finish the book. I could have a bestseller sitting on my computer. It’s more likely that I’ve just got a semi-decent novel that a few people might be interested in. Having those 50,000 words will allow me to write, to catch up with my characters, and too hopefully finish their stories. And then of course, I can edit in December, and start sending manuscripts out at the beginning of 2012.

So…I’m super excited. I’m eager to write now, but I’m holding myself back in the hopes that the snowball motion will allow me to coast through to the middle of Novemeber before I start to tire. And hopefully, by 2011 I’ll be finally able to send out those letters and look forward to all those lovely rejection slips!! 😉


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