Grindr is the Devil

Having become completely addicted to my new iPhone it was only a matter of time before I signed up to the immensely popular Grindr. What started off as a fantastic dating tool has in fact proved to be a heart wrenching social app for the romantically minded, and I’m starting the curse the day I ever installed it.

For those of you who have no idea what Grindr is, put simply, it’s a GPS driven dating/hook-up tool for the gay community. Creating a profile, it shows you all the other online Grindr users in your immediate area, whether they are 200m away, or 2.1km away. You can message, send photo’s, star your favourites, and block the idiots that you can’t be dealing with.

Of course, on a very stereotypically crude gay level it is the perfect tool for men to hook up. You’re feeling the urge, there’s a guy 300m away that looks nice, well….what’s to stop you?! But for me, for the romantically minded, it’s another way to find a possible date in this social networking and media driven age. I’ve met a couple of guys off there for dates, and I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. However, for those that are not one-time stand guys, there is also a HUGE downside.

I’m currently totally hooked on a guy that, though I’ve only met twice, I’m falling for. Though I’m 29, I’ve never been in the dating game. I’ve been single for a decade, and only had one boyfriend who was the result off a one night stand. I’m looking for the one, I’ll make no secret of that, and whilst I’ve surrounded my heart with a stone cold casing for years, I’m quickly realising that actually, I’m a romantic fool. Plus I have the dating age of a 13 year old. I’ve never loved, so I’ve never lost. And before this beautiful chap, I’d never had the heart leaping into your throat moment as you see them down the street. And it is here that Grindr becomes an application of torture.

This heart wrenching app lets you know if someone’s been on up to an hour before. You log in, his little green light is lit up, but there’s no message. You wait. There’s still no message. Is he waiting for you to send a hello? You finally pluck up the courage, and he’s now offline. You don’t want to log in incase there isn’t any hello, yet you want to see if there is. And when there isn’t, but his little green light is still blurring in your eyes, you want to smash your phone to bits.  And don’t get me started on the texting, with no response, yet logging into Grindr and then suddenly a txt thing. I want you to remember to send me a txt, not be reminded because a little green bling catches your eye.

I know that I’m being slightly ridiculous, but unfortunately, this is how my brain works. And whilst I’ll get over it in time, for the time being, to grind, or not to grind, is taking over most of my daily thought!


7 responses to “Grindr is the Devil

  1. Forgive me for not having followed your blogs more closely… Whilst on the subject of being slow off the mark, I’ve just discovered grindr. Though I haven’t signed up, I can see it might turn into something addictive. Do I take the red pill, or the blue pill?

    • That’s a hard one Rob! It IS a good tool for meeting new guys, especially if you don’t mind searching through a lot of dross, and guys who just want hookups – not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just not my bag. But its CRAP when you actually have a few dates with a guy, start to really fall for him but don’t get any txts BUT see that he’s logged onto Grindr. Swings and Roundabouts!

  2. I think I’m the same as you, in that I feel it’s better to be up front all the way. So many gay guys have issues it’ll always be a case of searching the haystack! Sorry to hear about your guy – that is crap. Block him!

  3. My issue with people that use Grindr (and as someone that doesn’t, I think I have perfectly good cause for gripe) is that they always seem to be looking for the next best thing. It’s like an Argos catalogue of cheap meat.

    The mere name suggests it is not for the romantic of inclination, neither is Bender, Qrushr, Manhunt, Maleforce. They all reek of quick sex without commitment. There is nothing more disheartening than being with a guy who is flicking through Grindr profiles whilst you are ON A DATE!!! Just punch me in the face, it would be easier to deal with…

    • Haha, SO true. However, I have to admit that I have met some nice guys on Grindr. But as you say, whilst they may be nice enough…actually finding someone who wants a repeat date can be a little difficult!

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