Freelance Writing – Become An Expert

Starting off in a freelance writing career can be tough. It’s a very competitive world out there, and with thousands of people logging onto the internet, applying for the same jobs, and often undercutting each other on price, it can be difficult to score the best jobs. Meanwhile, there are MANY providers who think they can realistically pay $3 for a 500 article. The problem is, people are actually willing to work for this!

Specialisation in an area when freelance writing is a key concept to help you get ahead. Of course, and I’ve done it too, when starting out you’ll automatically take on jobs that you have no interest in. I’ve ghost written finance blogs, articles on insurance, and an entire project on accountancy which had me wanting to scratch my eyes out. And taking these jobs on is essential to keep the money in so look on it as practice to improve your skills. But in the back of your mind you should start to try and specialise in a number of areas. This will allow you to become an expert in your niche, become well recognised in that area, and demand higher fees. It’ll also give you the pride and satisfaction that comes with developing skills in a key area and really becoming a master of your subject.

But what if you don’t know any niche areas? Develop them! I have a degree in marine biology and zoology, but my specialities online are gardening and male exercise. Why? Because I love these subjects and I know them. I set up a gardening blog. I started tailoring my online profiles at Ezine and Elance to horticulture and exercise. I made it know with my ongoing clients that these were my specialities and if work came up, then to please keep me in mind. You don’t have to know a subject to become an expert, you just have to be willing to learn.

Gardening’s my expertise…what’s yours?

Choosing a speciality is one key element that will set you apart from others in your freelance writing career. My Elance profile is purely horticultural, and I don’t have to look for clients, they come to me. Start a blog on your preferred subject, and join Ezine to start producing articles in your preferred field. And whilst continuing to slog away at work for conservatories, washing machines, or paint products, believe that you can become master of your subject, and watch your freelance writing career take off.


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