Having had to scour the internet in the past few weeks for new freelance writing work, I discovered myself re-browsing Elance. Whilst I joined the site last year, I never actually gained any work. It seemed to be full of buyers looking for 500 word articles and only willing to pay a few dollars. It was ridiculous really, and totally undermined the freelance writing economy. Yet people took on the work, and got paid peanuts for work that would be taking several hours.

However, in a bid to increase my portfolio, I updated my profile, threw in a few specifics to name, and moved onto the next site. Within a week I had an invited bid offer which was horticulturally based and paid well. I snapped it up immediately. This got my interest flowing, and say I gave the site another shot. I started looking for freelance writing work and found another interesting job. Whilst I had to lower my average rate a little, it was a big bulk job and putting in a bid at the top of their range I was stunned to win that too. And now, both clients have given me repeat work and my Elancing career is taking off.

Many may be sceptical about using a site which acts as an intermediary between writer and client, but actually, I see NO problems. Yes, Elance takes a fee, but simply incorporate these into your bid so you don’t lose out. You talk to the client directly through the site which can be a bonus as it actually protects your personal email identity. In addition, with Elance portfolio and widget available, you can receive much needed ratings and feedbacks to improve your writer’s score.

For someone who was looking for freelance writing work a few weeks ago, I’m now inundated and have plenty to keep me going. So give it a go. Don’t lower your bid just to gain the work, be honest with yourself about what you want to earn so that working won’t feel like a chore. And give your profile the once over to encourage new custom.

Do you use Elance? What are your stories? Happy Elancing 🙂


4 responses to “Elancing

  1. I opened an account there a while ago and started looking for work, but I didn’t have much luck. Every job post I bid on was absolutely flooded with responses, mostly by companies I can’t compete with price-wise. On the other hand, it seems you encountered the same problem but it worked out for you in the end. Maybe I’ll have to give it another shot …

    • Yeah, give it another go. Of course, there’s still a lot of jobs that you’d never go for in a million years cause the pay is ridiculous. So far though on this second attempt all is working out very well. 🙂

  2. Hi Geoff,

    I share the same type of success that you’ve had, only my experiences come from vWorker (formerly Rentacoder). I’ve been there since 2005 in fact and haven’t had a reason to stray.

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