A Changing Tide

There’s one thing to be said for Mr Fun jerking me about, it’s opened my eyes to the fact that a decade of singledom needs to change. A change comes about when you’ve been single for so long. You completely lose the desire to be with anyone. You get used to life on your own, your own habits, your own way of doing things. You realise that actually, you’d be a complete arse of a boyfriend who would want everything on his own terms, wouldn’t want to make compromises, and certainly wouldn’t want to be seeing his partner even every other day of the week. But, a few random emotional stirrings, some huge life changes, and the realisation that I can do alot better than Mr Fun’s jerking around, has caused the tide to definitely turn.

Whether it’s the fact that in eight months this hermit will be 30, or that my two best friends are getting married and having a baby respectively, something has clicked in my brain. I’m going to become a guncle (gay uncle as the phrase has been coined by my friend) and though I’m gaining a husband-by-friend, I’m sure that family won’t be far from their minds either. So, I’ll never be the romantic fool who needs to see their lover on a daily basis, but perhaps after all it would be nice to have someone in my life.

I do miss the late night cuddles, and the waking up with someone by your side..but I have three cats for that. However, with my Apple obsession comes Grindr, and an entirely new way of meeting boys. But this time it’s different. No random hookups. No sneaking boys into my bed with only a brief few words spoken beforehand. This time it’s time to date, time to explore and perhaps, I’ll meet that special someone. Failing that, I’ll buy a tub of ice cream, stick six Star Wars movies on and dream of a galaxy far, far away. With Kylie of course.


3 responses to “A Changing Tide

  1. I broke off an engagement five years ago and spent the next two years being single and completely comfortable with it. My girlfriends thought a. something was wrong with me or b. I must not like men anymore. But I was just completely happy doing my own thing, having my own place, doing everything on my terms. I don’t know what finally changed, but, like you said, it’s awesome having someone to cuddle with now and wake up to — although cats are excellent at that as well.

    Btw, your blog inspired me to go get ice cream from the freezer. Cuddly cats and chocolate ice cream can be nice replacements for men. 😉

  2. Well, 57 cats is my back-up plan. If you’re still a single woman at a certain age there’s a societal expectation that you’ll start hoarding cats. I wouldn’t want to disappoint.

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