New Lives and New Loves

The past few weeks have been filled with antics. My half marathon went pretty well and I came home in 1:43:44. I’ve started dating, yes, actually meeting real men in the real world rather than having random conversations online that go nowhere.  And though my gardening work has been rather lacklustre, I’ve used Elance and to pick up a few new contracts. However, there are two major occurences that have had me truly smiling.

Firstly, I fell off the Apple bandwagon. I dont’ own anything apple.  It’s like marmite I suppose, you either like them, or you loathe them. I’m a PC boy. I like my gaming, my crisp cut styling, my ability to mix and match software interchangeably as I like. But try as I have, and stubborn as I’ve been, I am now tightly clutching in my excited hand the latest iPhone. And I can say that it’s pretty much revolutionised my life. Ok, so I have an aviary of virtual birds that I have to clean and feed every day. I can play foursquare to my hearts delight. And both Grindr and Bender (apps for meeting gay men) are probably not the best use of my time. But with emails at the touch of a button, social networking at my fingertips to let me stay in control, and a world of apps to play with, I can say with assurance that I will never go back to another phone.

Meanwhile, in the hen house, there have been stirrings of new life. Ever since my last clutch of four Light Sussex chicks, I’ve wanted to hatch some more hens out. With only one Light Sussex left (one chook went to the oven, two chooks were lost through illness) I wanted a couple of replacement layers and maybe some birds for the table. As it happens, my eBay hatching eggs were far from fertile, and though Georgia sat tightly for three weeks, only one chick hatched. However, at least that gives me a guaranteed layer or table bird, so I can’t moan. Plus, the one day old little thing is one of the cutest, red-tinged things that I’ve ever laid my eyes on!

Elsewhere, with the can of dating well and truly opened, writing work continuing to come in, and my social habits finally beginning to come out of their dark, hermit home, September looks set to be an interesting month.


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