‘Tis the Season to Up the Anti

At this time of year, when the mornings are just that little cooler and the glimmerings of autumn are on the horizon, I have to start seeking out new writing jobs with gusto. My career is two parts, nine to ten months of the year is spent gardening, but as the winter rolls in I have to increase the writing to counteract the loss of gardening income. And combined with the recession, and the resulting loss of a few clients here and there, the gardening work has been rather lacklustre this year.

And so, its off to work I go. I have enrolled at Indeed.com which sends new job adverts directly to your inbox. So to does Peopleperhour.com which, though I haven’t gained any contracts from yet, is proving to be a very respectable source of feelancing gigs. Meanwhile, after its take over by Splash Media, freelancewritinggigs.com still remains a favourite of mine, as does Elance. However, the former does seem to have lost a little of its personality, with Deb Ng always doing a great job of making readers feel comfortable. Now she is gone, the site feels a little more corporate, however, it remains a vital source of some of the globe’s best daily writing gigs.

Finding freelance writing gigs can be difficult, but actually winning contracts with so much competition can be incredibly hard. It is therefore vital to apply to far more jobs than you anticipate gaining, and take the time to create personal portfolio’s online. For example, I write my personal gardening blog, supply articles for Ezine, and am now writing in the community for Mother Nature Network. And with a wider number of viewers, and an increased variety of portfolio’s with which to attract clients, fingers crossed that the next few months see a steady increase of work. 🙂


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