A Tugged Heart

It seems as if all my concerns were correct, and whilst my heart continues to wish, in a ridiculous unrealistic way, that Mr Fun is feeling the same way as me, it seems he’s the player I knew him to be. I’ve always known it in my head, and there’s nothing wrong with that other than the fact that buried beneath my cold hermit exterior is actually a traditional romantic. I’d hoped that Mr Fun would also be thinking of a way to alter our relationship to take it to the next level. Instead he’s pissed me off and made me see his true ways. I knew he’d break me if I let him, and though I’m far away from any such emotional trauma, I do have a tugged heart.

It was all on for tonight, for the usual, ridiculously long ‘playtime’. I waited, and waited, and waited, and then at 9.30 I got the booty call. Ok, a little late, but it was there….fair enough. However, what I wasn’t prepared for was the ‘fancy a 3sum?’.  – Ok, it’s not unheard of for threesome’s to be a completely liberating experience. But with ‘Here’s his pic’,  ‘He’s perfect’, ‘He can’t accom’, the only conclusion I can take is that, because neither Mr Fun nor Mr Third Wheel could accommodate, I’m the host of this wanted twosome. At very least, an hour or two with me is enough for Mr F to want to bring in someone else.

Normally I wouldn’t be affected, but it goes back to the whole myth that great no-strings hook-ups are actually possible.  Someone’s always gonna fall down that slippery slope, getting their feelings heart when the other doesn’t reciprocate, and this time its me. Though I don’t want to lose some awesome hours, I think its sayonara for Mr Fun 😦


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