Social Networking the ‘LIKE’ Way

Whether you love it or hate it Facebook seems to be here to stay. It may be superseded by something in the future but its evolution from the simple friend networking tool of old to the current seamlessly integrating business service means that its shelf life has been exceedingly prolonged. No longer a standalone site Facebook is stealthily working its way across the web, infiltrating sites where you’d least expect it and cleverly maintaining its brand presence in even the smallest of circumstances.

I’ve just started to use Facebook’s ‘LIKE‘ feature on The Guide to Gay Gardening. I already have a Facebook group which I put to use advertising new posts and upcoming gardening events but not everyone wants to join a group which will provide constant updates in their news stream. The LIKE feature happily circumnavigates this, allowing individuals to show their appreciation for one post, sharing it on their wall but not unknowingly signing up for constant group updates. A quick click and their friends can know what they’ve read, following the link if of interest, and thus an article can spread from a webpage into the news stream of thousands without being over kill. It aint bad for bolstering the article writers confidence either, seeing all those LIKE clicks certainly helps a little smile form.

Whilst constant Twitter updates and news releases from Facebook groups can be seen as spam for some, the inoffensive little ‘LIKE’ button may be my new best friend. Its no great secret that article and blog comments are often few and far between, with appreciating individuals not wanting to write, but now all that’s involved is one tiny click. I’m definately going to be social networking the ‘LIKE’ way.


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