The Bloodiest of All Reality Shows

After tuning into Living for the past week and watching obscene amounts of ‘Four Weddings’ and every series of ‘Next Top Model’ that I can lay my eyes on I finally found myself out of options and surfing Virgin’s on-demand. As my sister rattled past ‘Scream Queens‘ saying it would be too scary for her (here’s a girl that revels in the bloodiest horrors around) I managed to relinquish her grip on the remote and flick back. Four hours later at about 3am we were still sat, glued to quite literally the most bloody, gory and gripping reality series around.

The premise is nothing original. A load of girls in front of a panel of judges are vying to win the ultimate prize. They have challenges and tests to take and each week one of them leaves as the competition heats up. Scream Queens however proved to be quite fascinating as ten actresses competed for a breakout role in Lionsgate Films’ SAW VI. There were established actresses with years of experience, there were odd cooky girls, there were girls with no acting experience at all. They had acting classes which if they won gave them a ‘leg up’ in their final acting challenge which satisfyingly always compromised of a horror scene……emerging from a pool of blood, fighting an evil demon, or reenacting a scene from a previous SAW film.

With the delight of on-demand and the whole series available I wasted near ten hours watching the girls battle it out for top spot. Some fell down, some were kicked down, others excelled without needing to bitch. Shawnee Smith (lead actress in a number of the SAW films) was host to the series and having only seen SAW I before I had no idea who she was….and having now continued my Scream Queen fest by watching not only the winners performance in SAW VI but also Shawnee Smith‘s roles in the other movies it seems that perhaps her acting abilities have come under a little too much scrutiny. The resulting Scream Queen is FAR better an actress than Smith and with an invitation back for SAW VII the producers obviously think so too.

Meanwhile, with the successful and bloody series set to come back for another season this September it seems that I have yet another reality show that I’ll have to obsessively watch.


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