Quitting a Client – When Work Becomes Too Much

In the freelance game you will rarely come across someone who can happily turn away clients. Even if their workload is already heavy, the fickle game of the freelancing market generally means that we work like crazy all the time with the worry that suddenly all our work will die off. We don’t take holidays. We don’t turn away new prospects. We certainly don’t quit existing jobs…..or do we?

There have been a couple of occasions in my career where I’ve had to admit that work was finally too much and I couldn’t do the job efficiently or productively anymore. I’ve had one such instance today where I work through an agent, their client changed the parameters of my work and after reading the new briefs it just simply wasn’t worth my time earning the money. Ok, I NEED the income, but the drain on my day to complete this project and the time I’d spend not wanting to do it made me realise that emotionally and financially it just wasn’t viable. And with freelancing, I didn’t want my work and therefore brand name to take a step backwards through poor quality submissions.

So now, with an added urgency, I’m back on the continual hunt for more work. However, I know that I’ll be happier and I know that the drop of a project will spur me on to find something new. But when does a freelancing job just become too much? What finally breaks that camels back? And when do we ever reach that point where we can pick and choose?


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