Doing it the Ezine Way

Having the desire to become a writer may seem like the driving force behind gaining instant success but any online writer –  be it a ghostwriter, a blogger, an online website editor – will tell you that it takes alot of time and a lot of effort. There are no get rich quick schemes when it comes to writing. It takes time to find your style, your niche, your passion. It takes time to develop your online presence. And it takes a lot of effort to keep going when the initial intrigue and excitement dies away to leave the not so glamorous truth.

In a bid to raise my profile and, in some ways, write for myself I’ve started at Ezine. This online directory doesn’t pay, it doesn’t give any form of CPM (cost per mille) and it certainly doesn’t make you an instant success. However, what it does do may be far more important. Providing a editorially guided framework Ezine Articles allows for writers to build a web presence, creating a directory of articles that Ezine Publishers can use in their letters and newsletters and on their website. It works as a professional portfolio for prospective clients. It drives traffic to a writers website and social networks.

Like everything else I’m sure Ezine is in no way a route to quick success. However, with only four articles published I’m already seeing some crossover traffic to my website. Meanwhile the freedom to write about what I want to write about is already having positive effects on my outlook and for now I’m going to try it the Ezine way.


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