Triond’s Rising Profit

I must admit, I haven’t used Triond in a while. I have their integrated tool bar in my browser so I know exactly my views, comments, profit stats but in terms of actually submitting new articles I haven’t made any effort. My last article was published last year and I really haven’t had the inclination to write any more. However, a recent and dramatic rise in residual profit has may me wonder whether I should start up again.

I don’t know whether its because my articles are largely garden based and so at this time of year they’re being viewed more. Perhaps. But with an apparent hive of activity behind the scenes allowing for adsense integration, more concise searching methods and possibly more exposure it seems I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I’m not a huge fan of the site, I find it bulky and rather unprofessional looking. I don’t like the premise on advertising throughout articles and its certainly not as streamlined as Associated Content or Ezine Articles.  But if its going to make me money slowly and steadily then surely I can’t say no?

Do you use Triond? How do you find it?


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