Creating Time for Personal Writing

We all know how distractions can easily avert us from getting on with our personal writing. Whether its our professional writing, day to day life chores or for me a case of the world’s most famous two week tennis tournament starting, time is quickly sapped away by other things. Before we know it we haven’t opened the pages of our half written novel for six months or more and our characters are frozen in print with no closure in sight.

Creating the time is vitally important for personal writing, after all, why wouldn’t we invest time and energy into words that could lead to a publishing contract and recognition in the writing world? Of course, we have to live, have to submit those articles, press releases, ghost written items for clients but often spending the same amount of time on ourselves could lead to something greater than financial reward – the emotional pleasure and pride of having works published.

This is where many of the incentives such as National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) come into play, providing the perfect time for writers to focus on themselves for a change. However, a sporadic month here and there may keep the embers of creativity going, but it certainly won’t lead to completing the task in hand. No matter how hard it is, how many other things fill the day it is vital to pass a fleeting glance over personal work at a pure minimum. Keep the creativity burning,  if you can’t settle into writing a significant amount spend some time editing, correcting, planning. Try writing at different times of day to discover which daily structure works best, for me its either the early afternoon or early hours of the morning. For like most passions, the more time you spend with your characters the more you’ll want to sit down and write and before long it’ll be the professional work that you’re trying to fit in around your busy creative outbursts.


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