My New Obsession

In fact, its not especially new. After umming, and aaarhing over purchasing Mass Effect 1 last year, I was gripped immediately by its creative sci-fi story, its intriguing characters, and by the immense gameplay. Shephard, the central hero and fully customisable, had a huge, expansive RP world to play in with side quests, love interests, and planet surveillance in addition to the central theme of finding and destroying the reapers (the emerging menace to the universe). And now that Mass Effect 2 is out, I am once again completely addicted, clocking up 20hrs since I recieved the game on its 29/01/10 launch.

It hit me immediately. The graphics are MUCH sharper, giving everything a darker dimension, and when Shephard steps out onto the Normandy’s breached hull for the first time, it takes your breath away. ME1 players can import existing games, directly effecting ME2 storylines with gameplay actions from the first title of the trilogy. I saved the council, they’re still around. I had a relationship with Liara Ti’Sonni, her photo is on my desk. I allowed the Rachni Queen to live, I retrieve a side quest solely due to this action.

Its also great to see familiar faces along with new, intriguing characters. A familiar face soon joins my squad, whilst quest routes bring me to friends and foes…expanding their back story for extra game perfection. Mass Effect 2 is highly expanded upon the first, with thankfully far much more to do as I was concerned I would have completed the game already and be at a loss as to what to do with myself. But, having landed on the Creeper ship, I still have three squad crew to recruit, most of the galaxy hasn’t been explored yet, and whilst I’ve visisted the Citadel, I hope more opens up than first available. Mass Effect 2 has taken over my life!! So far Jack and Jacob are my favourite squadies…..who are your’s??


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