Save The Best Till Last

I wasn’t ever going to blog about Celebrity Big Brother. I wasn’t even going to watch it. But with me and Alex Reid having mutual friends I thought I’d watch him go in and then give it up, problem is I’m as snared as a rabbit in a trap. I can’t help it. Not only do they have some HUGE names in there (along with some who I’d quite happily banish back to the obscurity that they came from) but the group dynamics are supreme.

Vinnie Jones, a surprisingly intuitive geezer, hasn’t astounded me more than the afore mentioned. Dane’s bland as can be, not even looking good in drag – which in my opinion, most men strangely manage to pull off. However, I never thought I’d have been as intrigued as I was in watching Stephanie Beacham taking a morning bath, dressed in nightgown before gliding beneath the waters. How does she make even that look glamorous?! Sisqo’s my little pocket rocket, I love him, and Nicki, whilst doing nothing to change the glamour girl preconception, provides us with the one liner Goodyism’s that we love about Big Brother.

Of course, the two hot stories are that of Heidi/Ivana and Katia/Jonas. As Ivana Trump landed unannounced on the housemates, emerging from ‘Pandora’s Box’ as she did, Heidi Fleiss‘s face said it all. Frosty. There is some history there, that’s for sure.  A bemused Ivana then, along with her an enormous amount of luggage, went about her business, getting her head in order whilst the housemates, without leaving minutes to spare, began bitching. I believe Heidi even uttered the words “I have laxatives we could crush up in her food.”

A face is a thousands words, Ivana is revealed

And then there was Katia, who in my mind is a washed out, cowardly bitch, and sweet, farting Jonas. Also known as Basshunter, Jonas has totally surprised me, I love him. But he’s fallen for Katia, who – and she keeps repeating it over and over whilst continuing to give ‘come to bed’ eyes at Jonas, has a boyfriend. Whilst her boyfriend must be livid, Jonas seems to be getting sucked into her putrid web. We have our scapegoat for this year people, get her out.

A wretch inducing face if ever I saw one

Finally, bible bashing Baldwin is an oddity. On one hand, when he’s preaching away I simply can’t bear to even look at the TV. However, his caring attention, and optimistic behaviour that goes hand in hand with his faith it a breath of fresh air. As Heidi begins to doubt she’ll stay in the house, and Ivana’s mosquito net (yes, its in the minus degree’s outside but hey, she’s a Trump) bounces from bed to bed, I can’t decide whether I’m loving this series because it’s the last, or because it’s simply the best.


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