New Year’s Resolutions

I’m pretty good with New Year’s resolutions. I’ve always found that the most effective way is to not to set a resolute path, but rather a fuzzy guide of the direction one aims to make. This negates the constant fear that goals haven’t been met, making any resolution harder and less fun to achieve. The fuzzy, fluffyness of a resolute idea means that any progress can be made, and that progress is therefore an achievement!

This year is no less in terms of feats to achieve.

1. Running

Last year I completed 1 marathon and 2 half’s. I want to at least repeat this effort and with the Brighton half in Feb and the Brighton full in March, I need to get my skates on in terms of training.

2. Image

Ok, yes, very shallow, but most of us aspire to change something about ourselves. Bodywise I’m looking the best I ever have, but with large amounts of running there is going to be a HUGE shed of muscle. I need to eat excessive amounts of protein and make sure that between training sessions I hit the weights.

3. Writing.

The deadline for my first novel is the end of Februrary. This is only two months away, scarily close. Today should be the first day that I sit down and start writing again. This is a MUST because publisher’s won’t wait! 😐

4. Blogging

2009 was a fantastic year for The Guide to Gay Gardening and I hope to continue this year around. With more TV gardening work forecast for the new year, and a wealth of article ideas and allotment progress, I hope to continue growing the little gardening community.

With that to keep my busy, I should see a pretty mad 2010. All of them are achievable, and so I should be able to keep my aims for the year. And with it being the Year of Spontaneity who knows what could happen!!

What are you New Year’s Resolutions?!


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