The Year of Spontaneity

Egypt, year of Love and Adventure

Every year my best friend Xenia and I look towards the coming 12 months and set ourselves a little year’s title. We don’t think carefully about it. We don’t talk it over and over. We don’t pressurise it. We just get drunk, have a little dance (normally around my living room), watch the fireworks and at some point in the evening our next year’s title arrives.

Two years ago was the year of the Career. Within 2 months I was working at ITV, within the year I had a freelance position in the television industry that gave me regular work, and I was writing on a freelance basis for clients. The following year was the year of Love and Adventure. I didn’t date very much, haven’t got a long term relationship, but certainly I’ve had more love than previous years. I visited New York, Egypt, Paris. I learned to dive, made my festival debut and leapt outside my comfort zone and did a few things I never thought I’d do.

Of course, its only positive thinking that plays its parts here, but how powerful this train of thought can actually be. Never underestimate it, because believing, having confidence and thinking positive has totally broken down my barriers and got me to a place where I would have never thought I’d be. Of course, you can’t MAKE things happen, but you can ease them along nicely. Simply being open to the options in your path, made more obvious by your year’s title helps.

2010 is the year of Spontaneity. I may have a little trouble with this because I’m not a spontaneous person, but who knows what I’ll be up to next week, next month, within the next year!?


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