When Freelancing, It Pays to Be FABULOUS

Blowing my own trumpet is something I’m not especially good at. I’d far rather hear about someone else, discuss their careers, and not bore them to death with tales of me, me, me. Freelancing, and finding more work, is far more than simply telling everyone what you do, and how good you do it. Whilst it will always help if people actually know what you do, what your aims are, and what achievements you’ve made, they don’t want to know it in the first minute of knowing you!

When it comes to freelancing I have found that, on the whole, patience is a virtue. Whilst earning a living is obviously number one priority, so too is forging a career path in something you want to do. Tell people what you want to do, and ASK to keep you in mind for upcoming work. Asking politely is going to get you much more reward than flashing your cards around, telling everyone you’re amazing and that they must hire you. That will get your card in the bin and your leads thinking you’re far too arrogant to work with. Let them come to the conclusion you’re fabulous by themselves!

Meanwhile, nurture the clients you already have because this can pay extreme dividends. Whilst its fine to have client after client, do the work, get the money, and move on, if you really build the relationships with these clients then more work is sure to follow. Meet EVERY deadline, and if you’re having difficulties, let the client know AHEAD of time. Make a friend by light conversation, but DON’T start giving them your life story unless they actually ask. Consistency is key, check your work, read your work, edit your work. They may be your editor, but they’ll be far happier if they don’t have to actually do that much editing themselves.

Freelancing is definitely not for everyone. You need to be up-beat most of the time, you must be good with time management and one little error can lose you a client just like that. Be modest, be your best but most of all, be subtly FABULOUS and watch the work roll in.


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