Benefits of Income Streams

There’s a perception in many people that you find a career, you have one paycheck, and that’s how life is. Ok, it’s easy, there’s no finance management and at the end of the month you’re whole salary arrives in one, neat bunch. And if its the career you’ve always wanted then thats the icing on the cake. But its not always this way, people are sometimes stuck in jobs they hate just to earn the money. They want to break free but are worried by change, or taking a pay cut. But it doesn’t have to be this way, and for those looking for a different, more exciting life with a range of interests and jobs,  its all about generating different income streams.

I know this to my benefit. I’m a gardener about ten months of the year. In those months along side being outside in the fresh, breezy air, I also work in TV, do some random admin work and freelance write for a range of web clients. I balance my work so I always have enough income and make sure that all my sources of finance are happy so that when I need them they’re there.

For example, as the winter begins to draw in, gardening work all but dies off. Whilst I still have some landscape and design jobs to work on, actual maintanance (which is the heart of the business) becomes non-existant. So, to counter-act this downturn I simply switch to another income stream. I talk to my clients, ask for extra work, search out new job leads to carry me over the new few months.

Of course, its more timely and complex than recieving a check at the end of every month. But, it keeps me on my toes. It  never allows me to get bored and I can do what I want to do in my life so I never wonder “what if I’d chosen that career path”. And of coures, becoming self-employed isn’t the straight forward path of being an employee, but it sure offers more freedom and is A LOT more fun!


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