There’s Something About Danyl

DanylJohnsonThere’s something about X Factor’s new protege Danyl Johnson that I just can’t stand. I want to wipe that smirk of his face, and put this arrogant twit in his place.

With the X Factor has been bigger and better this year, so to have the contestants had to deal with rising pressures of fame and performance. Danyl is undoubtedly a good singer, but whilst Jedward continue their sheer bloody awful dominance, there’s a backlash against the bisexual teacher that no-one seems to be able to stop. In all theories I should be a supporter. I should be supporting the LGBT, the fact that he’s a hottie and the fact that he’s actually good. But aside from the rumours of arrogance, of bullying, of his belief that he will win because he’s just amazing, his face makes my skin crawl, his voice sparks irritation, and his continual use of the  ‘power’ note at the end of every performance is starting to become a bore. Yes, he lost his spark last week. Yes, Dannii’s comment, though now forgotten, should have seen him get the sympathy vote. But now he’s several weeks in, his confidence is back, he’s even tried shaving his head to make people like him.

At the end of the day, whilst his voice may be up to it, if the public don’t like this smarmy little excuse of a man, then he’ll get nowhere, record contract or not. And no shaven head is going to win the battle. Jog on Danyl.


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