Save The Dollhouse

dollhouse1It seems that once again Fox is looking to cancel another series before it really gets a chance. Putting Terminator – The Sarah Connor Chronicles on the scrap heap earlier this year, far ahead of time, Fox seems to be wielding the knife for Joss Whedon’s latest creation – Dollhouse.

Far be it from me to compare T:SCC to Dollhouse more than mentioning their shared broadcaster. Ashley Miller’s outstandingly well written and character driven Terminator series truthfully far succeeds the lesser Dollhouse. It was original, intelligent sci-fi which was culled in its prime, with fans continuing to do all they can to push the series to another broadcast pickup.

Meanwhile, whilst Fox announces that Dollhouse is to take a hiatus mid-season 2, it seems the axe is well and truly slicing through the air once again. The concept is good, and more than enough to keep me amused. It’s sci-fi, has a few geeks (think CSI’s lab-rat characters), is full of pretty people, has a sprinkling of Brits,  and even has an ex ‘Neighbours’ star in the form of Dichen Lachman (whose acting skills seem to have rocketed since making the move to LA). It has enough of an undercurrent story arc to keep fans intrigued over Echo’s next move whilst the stand-alone episodes come up well against many other sci-fi and fantasy series.

Of course, whilst there is good, there is more often or not bad. Miracle Laurie who plays doll Mellie, certainly needs to heed her own name. Taking the concept of being a doll to rather uncanny method acting levels, she needs a miracle to be anything less than boring. Luckily it seems producers felt this way too and cut her free at the end of Season 1. Meanwhile, whilst TSCC came in with all bells ringing from day 1, its true that Dollhouse, midway through Season 2 still seems to be finding its feet.

However, whilst small screen hits continue to pull in record ratings, it would be a shame for TV execs to not give credit where its due and allow further seasons to shows which do just ok. For now, save the Dollhouse, give Dichen a chance, and make sure that Miracle Mellie never returns.


2 responses to “Save The Dollhouse

  1. Glad to hear there are other Dollhouse fans out there.

    The second season is showing some great promise and it even has Summer Glau (of Terminator Chronicles fame) guesting in the second half of this season which should add some interest, but a third season does seem unlikely at the mo.

    what a shame. HOWEVER, the remake of V has cheered me up no end 🙂

  2. I cannot wait for Summer Glau to appear, though coming straight from playing Cameron, becoming a doll should be pretty easy!

    I will have to check out this V, I’ve not heard of it!

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