The Comfortability Factor

Dating continues to be a strange concept. Once again, I dared to poke my head above the sandy depths to take a light hearted flutter on the dating scene, and whilst it wasn’t a disaster it was rather odd.

I met J last week on a gay dating site. Normally I chat to a few people here and there but it never goes any further, but somehow, even though on paper he’s far from my ideal man, J caught my attention. After days of messages and then hours of phone calls, we finally decided that we’d meet up for a takeaway and DVD night. There was a veritable feast of chemistry, a strange recognition of characters so that it seemed we’d known each other for years, and laughs a plenty.

But then the oddity happened. In person there was nothing. No chemistry, no seeming attractive, either way. Just a complete comfortability with each other, to say what we wanted, to do silly voices, burp, be stupid, but none of the chemistry from before.

I’m perplexed. I don’t really know what happened. It’s added a whole new dimension to dating, that daunting feeling that whilst attraction and personality can come together, sometimes people can be just TOO similar or comfortable. My mind can’t really process the data, I’m returning to the underground where worries like this don’t have to concern my complex mind.


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