A Healthy Form of Torture

vlm-logoWhilst I always had a weird, inner want,  to run the London marathon I don’t think I ever expected to actually do it. After last years triumph – simply getting round the course in 4:30:36, I’m totally hooked on it. Flora ended their sponsorship last year, passing over to Virgin and so in 2010 it is even more vital that I gain a place. I did that last Flora, I want to do the first Virgin.

However, after unexpectantly gaining a place last year, this year is the opposite. It now falls to the horrendous task of trying to get a limited and widely wanted charity place. And of course, this is far more difficult as you can’t sign up to multiple charities, as some actually make you sign a contract. I’m rubbish at fundraising, and becoming tied into two charity places would be a nightmare.

After applying for a place with the Parkinson’s Disease Society, I now anxiously wait after the closing date tomorrow to see if I’ve been rewarded for my effort. I want my steel abs back, I want that extra push to give up alcohol, in actual fact I do want to raise some money for charity. Go on Parkinsons, give me a place and I’ll run like I’ve never run before.


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