An Escape From Reality

Ready for Evening Flight

Ready for Evening Flight

For the dreamers, the heart warming hippies, the collectors of trinkets, and chains, and random craft goodies, I’ve found the escape from reality that we crave. Where dress refects personality, where no one is made to feel unease or worry from fello humans, where one’s mind can flit through the dream sequence of a day with yet more surprising surrealness to come later that night. And where do dreams like this appear from I hear you say. Well, it’s all down at The Secret Garden Party.

Not content to keep the joy of the summer festival at bay, where we frittered (and flitted) nights away as humble bee’s, The Secret Garden Party have come up with a cunning ploy to make us even enjoy the modern commercial neon light illuminated Christmas period. As my ongoing thoughts continue to sway in and out of daily life in a vain attempt to actually novelise those dreams that swirl and bubble in my head, there is decadence and surreality on the horizon. Yes, Secret Garden are having a festive party!

On the 12th December, only days after I’ve arrived back from the shores of America, people will be donning ladies and gentlemans attire, adding the final feather to their pirate’s hat, painting the last scale onto their sea creature costume, to take to the HMS Ulysses for a night of dreamlike elegance, hidden passageways, surreal parties, and primetime mind out of body experience. The Secret Garden’s Christmas Voyage is upon us, and for all that dare, be ready to enter a radical new world.

As I contemplate random attire, why not join us on the Voyage and turn dreams into surreal like reality.


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