Why I Love Freelancing

Why people continue to sit in dreary jobs, hating their bosses, dreading their workloads I do not know. I understand fully the situation, you’re stuck in a rut, you’re scared to try something different. I know that feeling. I’ve been there. But all I can say is freelancing is most definately the way forward.

Now I am here, I simply cannot understand why people are content to sit for weeks, months, years under the same cricital boss. Someone they may hate. Working for a company to gain profits that you’ll never see yourself.

Freelancing quite simply opens your life to an entirely new route, to a concept that once you have got your head around it, is sheer bliss. I have no boss, apart from me. I choose when, where and how much I work. Failure is down to me, and so I constantly strive never to fail, and you’ll be amazed at how easy that is when you yourself are the only one to blame. Freelancing allows you to do whatever you want, in an environment you wish, whilst making for a better and more productive life.

For example, after my “binge drinkers” television shoot this weekend I had nothing planned until the 5th October when I start filming more garden makeovers. The usual gardening clients and writing work was on the board for the next couple of weeks and all was rosy. Then today I get a call about a possible two weeks job starting on Monday for a new TV pilot. I’m a freelancer, I do what i want. So now I have two weeks working on a pilot. How could life be better. My writing work can be done in the evenings, my clients fully understand how my life works, and all is peachy.

I will say that one of the most important things for the freelancer is to have varied income streams. I have a gardening business, I write for online clients, and I work as a TV runner/researcher. If TV work dries up I simply increase gardening. When the wintery months arrive I focus harder on increasing my writing workload and relax a little on the yearly profit. In some ways its the best reason for becoming a freelancer as you get to develop a range of skills, work on a range of hobbies and you can never, never get bored with life!

Plus, for those of you worried about the financial woes, it doesn’t impact long term goals such as mortgages and loans because, as long as you register as self employed, you can do your own financial self assessment!!

Freelancing is the way forward to a better more fulfilled life. No more saying “I hate my job”. No more being bored in a little cubicle. The world is your oyster so grab it.


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