Julia & Julia

Having managed to miss any promotional material on the film ‘Julia & Julia’, it was not until this past weekend when a friend said she wanted to see it, that I took any notice. Taking the orange wednesday opportunity we hot footed it to the cinema and I have to say, the trailer was good, the film was awesome!

From the moment that Meryl Streep as Julia Child stepped onto the screen I was captivated. A Meryl Streep fan for as long as I can remember, I can never recall a time where I was so taken aback by a change of character. She was witty, comical and though her accent was rather perculiar it didn’t matter in the least. Utterly sincere when she needed to be, the story of the Child’s rise to celebrity chef and author was hysterically brilliant.

Meanwhile, away from the early 20th century of Paris, early 21st century took us to queens where cubicle loathing Julia Powell (Amy Adams) gave us a less funny, but still captivating ride of a modern woman feeling lost. Whilst I preferred Meryl Streep’s screen moments (along with Stanley Tucci who played a brilliant Paul Child), Adam’s portrayel kept the story moving swifty along, embracing blogging (hooray!) and cooking as she attempted to cook all of Child’s 524 recipes in 365 days.

A fantastic movie that was not cliched, was true to both stories and far funnier than I ever thought it could be, Julia & Julia really is one to watch this Autumn!



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