Sleeping Problems

Well tomorrow’s half marathon is looming and as usual, whenever there is something important to do the following day that I want to be on peak performance for, I can’t sleep. It seems that my mind gets most productive at the most inopportune of times, and though luckily now I have my netbook and I can write wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, what I really need to be doing at this very moment is sleeping and preparing my body for tomorrow. However, that’s not the case, so be it.

I’ve spent most of this evening online and chatting to a absolutely lovely bloke from gaydar. The wonders of facebook have allowed for the insecurities and worries of talking to random strangers thr0ugh gaydar to become a thing of the past. Gone are the concerns that you’re talking to a creation, an avatar made by your cyberspace guy to lure you in, a false identity who looks nothing like the picture’s he promotes. A simple add on facebook and their world is your oyster. Their pics can be perused, wall posts read, friends checked out. Is this stalking? Gaining a false familiarity about someone? Perhaps…but when the internet is filled with falsities and people of unsavoury character, at least facebook allows you to check the face behind the finger.

Having spoken to my newest man, and gained thorough knowledge through his facebook profile that a) he looks like he’s supposed to, b) he’s not a gay basher and c) I more than just a little fancy him, I’m pleased to say that the conversation has been eclectic, charming and interesting. I thoroughly intend to take the conversation on further….and perhaps the hermit may even leave his hovel to fritter some hours away with a frivolous date!


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