Friday Hermiting

Well it’s Friday night, and I’m hermiting. After a busy and physically tiring week I’ve needed to hermit for days, but not managed due to other things I’ve committed to which I simply couldn’t avoid. Monday and Tuesday’s shoot went extremely well, the garden was beautiful by the end but pulling my back on the Tuesday I was rather greatful that Wed/Thurs got called off. In addition my mind was becoming swamped with social niceties, with having to smile at people at 7am (which is FAR too early on any normal day, excluding hermiting), and having to work extremely long days.

I was severely hermity on Wednesday night, and sitting in the company of others had to concentrate on biting my tongue, for whilst hermiting causes me to recline from the world, it also causes the words I do speak to be rather ferocious and shrill. But today, other than one client and a 30minute battle between my credit card and my mind (my mind won) I’ve managed to sit in complete isolation all night. Wonderful.

Tomorrow I gear up for Sunday, the Ipswich Half Marathon. I trained last Sunday, running 14miles in 2:09:31 in 26 degree heat, so things are looking up for the 30th. If I can do it in 1:45 I’ll be extremely happy, but you never know what’ll happen on the day. Until then I carry on hermiting, on letting my mind dream through imaginative worlds, and far off places, and will do my utmost at putting down in print (on my newly gorgeous netbook infact) the continuation of John’s story.


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