No Such Thing As “No Strings” Fun

Being a solemn, hermiting kind of chap the last thing I want, or need is a long term relationship. For starters I would be an appalling boyfriend – I’m selfish, like things on my own terms, and need an exceptional amount of personal space. Anyone that had the time and balls to actually attempt a relationship with me – good luck!

Now, I’m not going to pretend for one minute that lust isn’t an important factor in my life. I’m a man, I’m a gay man at that, and without a long term relationship then the only way to actually fufill any desires is to, as we say in our world, have no strings fun. However, I’m really beginning to see just how fine the line is between “fun” and “no strings”.My dilemma is this: can you actually have FUN and NO STRINGS rolled into one?!

I have, over the years, had some apparent no strings fun, but break it down into pieces and one doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand with the other. It seems to me that if you have the no strings part, you generally don’t have an amazing time. Yes, you get what was written on the packet, but an actual incredible night is far from the true reality. Equally, if you actually have an amazing time, its far from no strings. The act of being intimate with someone, sharing emotion, having a connection, makes it totally impossible to just up and leave with no second thought.

I met a guy a few weeks ago. Funny, cheeky, incredibly gorgeous and we had what we set out at the beginning as some “no strings fun”. However, I find myself having more than just a passing thought to him as the days go by. Don’t get me wrong, this hermit aint changing his spots, and doesn’t want to get into anything heavy, but it seems to me that no strings tends to be fairly boring, whilst true, awesome, exhilerating fun, comes with so many strings you’re left in a tangled web.


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