MSN Etiquette

Technology is outstanding. Sitting at my computer I can call friends in Oz through Skype, I can flip emails back and forth across the pond, and I can chat to friends just down the road on MSN. But am I missing something? Is there some form of etiquette involved on MSN? Unwritten rules about who speaks first, what you can and can’t say? I thought it was just a simple communication device but I seem to be wrong.

The one problem with MSN is you often log on to see a multitude of people you don’t want to talk to. Blocking removes possible needed future contact, but you know as soon as your little tag turns green, there they’ll be, nagging, chatting, talking at you. They’re the people you’d duck away from in the street. The “friends” you’d hide your face and quickly walk past. I’m usually shown as “offline”, but of more recent time’s I’ve been “away”, a simple way to chat to those you want, and curteously avoid those you don’t want. I suppose that is backhand etiquette in itself.

However, what has really got my goat of late, is when people initiated chat with a “hi” or “hey” and then remaining mute. No questions. No conversation. If you didn’t want to talk then why did you bother saying hello?!  You feel an overbearing pressure to get some form of conversation going, but the one line answers that come back simply fuel the growing irritation.

And what’s with having a long, drawn out conversation and then just disappearing. People will say “brb” and then never return. Vanished into the void of the infinate internet. You’ll be mid conversation and then “poof!”, they’re gone. Sometimes they’ll even remain online…what is this?!

I know that, as a hermit, I’m often not the most communucational or social being in the world, but please, if you dare to strike up a conversation then at least have the decency to finish it.


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