Wimbledon’s over for another year.

I can’t quite believe that Wimbledon has come and gone already this year, it was a blast and there was certainly some dramatic points. As a writer, and covering the championships for a client, I sure got to know the ins and outs of the tournament like I never had before, and it was so worth it. My blogging coverage was genuinely a fantastic opportunity to really get inside and break the world of tennis apart.

But there’s good news, we no more have to suffer a year without any tennis in Britain. Come this Novermber the first ATP will be held in the UK after it moves from Shanghai to London’s O2 Arena. I can’t wait to see the top male seeds battle it out to end the year with the top rank, and it’s all going to be televised on the BBC from the 22nd!

The Guide to Gay Gardening continues to be updated, and with summer in the air, there is a lot of found to be done both for my clients and at allotment. With everything growing so lusciously there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to complete everything.

I hope you enjoyed the tennis, enjoy the blog, and look forward to the ATP!


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