Another City Slicker Bites the Dust

A very good friend of mine called today to say she’d quit her job. She’d had continuing problems with her boss and simply couldn’t take it any longer. She has no job to go to, has walked straight out, and is leaving the city for good. I’m VERY excited.

When I did more or less the same thing two years ago it was terrifying yet strangely calming at the same time. The knowledge that you’re no longer going to waste your life sitting behind a desk for eight/nine hours of the day is probably the best feeling in the world. Yes, it’s scary whilst you make up your mind for the next step, sit back and draw out a new path, but it’s truly exhilarating as well.

Life shouldn’t be constrained to those that a socially acceptable. Society tells us to get a 9-5 job, work our guts off for a company of fat cat bosses who don’t care, only to die as we retire so we can’t even enjoy the last moments of life. No thanks. I’d rather be poorer and happier than rich but living in an office. When I left my job with nothing to go to, most thought I was insane. I had doubts, a few worries, but the minute you get of the city merrygo round and finally live your life for yourself it all makes perfect sense.

I’m very excited to see what happens next. We’ve often talked about going into business together, something in the holistic health, green, organic niche. Perhaps it’ll happen, who knows, but it’s very exciting times!


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