Dreams come when you least expect them

Sometimes lifes events have a funny way of coming about. Things you’d wanted to, or perhaps dreamt of happening, come from the strangest directions. You search for years for that perfect job, and then suddenly it finds you, or you actively looking for a partner and then, as soon as you stop, one falls in your lap.

I started my blog – The Guide to Gay Gardening – without much expectation. I wanted  to get readership obviously, and I wanted to use it as a way to express myself, my job and my knowledge on gardening. I guess, on some deep level, I hoped that perhaps some writing work would come out of it, but I was simply happy just posting to it.

Today I received a random, and very out of the blue email from someone at the BBC. They’d been searching in google and spotted my blog. After taking a look they were emailing me to say they’d forwarded to a colleague who is making a spin-off series from gardeners world, about green living, gardening and self sufficiency. There could be the opportunity of working on something together!

I couldn’t believe it. Doing small little features for Gardeners World, or something of the like, is a dream! It’s funny how these things happen when you least expect it. Of course, nothing has yet come of it, but it adds a little recognition to the work put in, shows that people are reading, and not only that, that they are enjoying and sharing it.

I guess the key is, keep writing. Even if your readership seems relatively low, if you don’t have swaths of comments flooding in, keep plodding along and keep writing. You just never know what may happen.


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