Hectic Times

As the spring begins to wane and we enter the summer months I’m finding myself increasingly busy. The economic climate sure doesn’t seem to have had a bad effect on my business, if anything its booming – or should I say “blooming”! 🙂 Perhaps its that people have decided not to holiday away this year, that they’ll spend more time at home and entertaining in the garden but don’t want to waste their weekends doing it themselves. I’ve sure had an increase in clientel and am finding myself nearly booked out now. It’s nice to be wanted.

In addition I’ve increased my online presence and am continually gaining more work. Triond and Associated Content are working out well for me, earning a nice little residual income, and I’m trying to add an article every other day at least, to fuel the fire. In addition I’ve found this brilliant writers site: Freelance Writing Jobs. Updated daily it is has a wealth of information and also picks out some of the top freelancing jobs each day. I’ve already scored a couple of jobs through them, one being a blogging gig covering the Wimbledon Championship. It pays very well and I get to write about tennis, something I love and something I would already be watching! Does it get better!?

The Guide to Gay Gardening is also being developed and I’m trying to update more frequently. I’ve started the webshow “Green Gardening“, with the first episode now online. Currently I’m writing and planning out the second episode, though getting a Guerilla Gardener willing to speak on camera is proving difficult to find. I may have to scrap that piece until a later date.

And then, trying to find that all important time to sit and write the book is becoming a nightmare. When I have time, I’m not feeling inspired, when I want to write, I don’t have the time. I really need to work it into my schedule, an hour, even 30mins a day, just to sit and write and develop the concepts and stories that are running around my head. To top it off, I’ve just discovered Gossip Girl, so I’m trying to watch it all to get it out the way so i can obsess on something else!

Keep writing folks!


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