New Possibilities

Writing is going well. I’ve been drawn back into the futuristic world of my novel and have been busy writing the path laid out for John, it seems to become more twisted, convoluted and dangerous as I progress. Initially supposed to be a two part book its fast becoming quite an epic journey. The quandry is – write it all, completely mapped out, every stone turned, or draw in those publishers as John’s ever increasingly fraught life is just beginning. For now I will just continue to write, go onward, but there may become a time, the correct ending point where I focus on actually getting it out there.

But, this post is actually about new possibilities in the online article and content writing field. I have stumbled upon two new sites which may prove interesting. I am still in my initial investigative stage but they may prove to be popular. is a site for mature adults to discuss topics of interest, link in news stories and share knowledge. It actually works on a point system rather than ad click based payment but these points can be redeemed for vouchers, tokens or paypal payments. It seems that sharing current news bites, and uploading posts (or articles) you can gain points. It’s an interesting concept that I’m going to put some time into and see what happens.

Much like Triond and Helium, Associated Content allows the upload of articles in any area. You get paid per view ($1.50 for every thousand hits) but possibly the best part is that they offer upfront payments for articles in certain topics. A thousand hits may seem enormous, but by publishing more content and increasing your clout (the Associated Content score) you will gain more readers. Unfortunately only US citizens can currently benefit from the upfront payments but I wouldn’t scoff at the pay per view. A real benefit is that you can upload content previously published by yourself on other websites. This means for every article online that you’ve published, you can load into Associated Content and allow it to earn you more revenue.

Triond and Helium Update

I’m loving Triond right now. You get instant gratification in hits and money, and while it may be small it slowly builds. Its no quick fix but you can see results from day one and by perseverance over time it could earn some nice  background money. Helium on the other hand is slightly problematic. I love the ease in which you can upload to Helium, that you can gain many idea’s from title topics and that there is a real community spirit. However, to earn money on this site you have to gain 1 rating star. While this sounds easy, it’s not. Using an in house algorithm to determine your rating quality it seems extraodinarily hard to get the 75% rating you need to gain a star. And no star, no payments, however high on the Helium list your articles may be.


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