Sifting through the rubbish

When it comes to freelance and online writing there is an incredible amount of dross out there. I’m that over time as you build your skills and learn how to sift through the slave labour there are many financially rewarding positions but so far I have found none.

Excited by the thought of becoming a freelance writer I accepted a job this past Friday, rewriting articles of 500 words and placing key words within them. Now I was a fool to being with, each article paid $1, yes, you read right, and with ten articles a day, a minimum of fifty a week , that was $50 a week. One doesn’t tend to think of the actual time involved in this process but before long I became overly bogged down and bored.

Many may think of rewriting articles as an easy solution to your creative block. You learn much whilst you work, you don’t have to come up with a ready stream of idea’s and with the click of the mouse they’re sent off and rewarded with money. But reading an article takes time. Rewriting takes more time. Adding 3% key words adds even more time and before long the easy cash you were looking at is actually draining you life of all love and feeling for writing. In addition you soon start to feel as if you are actually stealing (which in essence you are in fact doing) others hard earned work.

As you can imagine, today I quit. I lasted twenty articles. Starting out in the online writing world is hard because without any experience you feel like you have to start at the bottom. Don’t.

Over the next few weeks I am going to gradually build a portfolio by adding to Helium, to Constant Content, and to Triond. When I then renew my efforts to find clients I will have a portfolio of rated and possibly sold work. I can bid higher. I can have confidence and hopefully this online writing will prove more successful than my first forage.


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